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For as little as $5 a month, you can support teen empowerment and help teens to develop the confidence, motivation, and resilience necessary to thrive in today’s world. Support teen empowerment with a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation.

How Will Your Donation Support Teen Empowerment?

Empowering Minds™ relies solely on outside donations and sponsorships since we became a public charity. Your donations, no matter the size, will help deliver our powerful Empowered U Program and ConneX Program to teenagers here in Alberta. Our targeted donation possibilities are broken down below to demonstrate where our donation dollars are spent. However, any donation amount is sincerely appreciated.

Everything Else

Everything Else | $5 or more

  • Donate today to support Empowering Minds™ teen leadership programs in Alberta.
  • You’ve heard it before – every bit helps; a little can go a long way. Well, it’s true. Your gift of even $5 is more than we had before. As a charity that delivers teen empowerment programs within high schools, there are many details to cover and hidden costs to remember. We really do appreciate any amount.
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school supplies

Program Supplies | $125

  • Donate today to provide supplies to support Empowering Minds™ teen leadership programs in Alberta.
  • Your gift of $125 will cover the cost of a teen’s supplies for the weekend. This includes pens, booklets, water bottles, those comfy black Empowered t-shirts… all the little but essential things we need to make the program run.
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Travel & Accommodation

Travel & Accommodation | $150

  • Donate today to support travel and accommodation costs for teens to attend the Empowered U Program camp.
  • Your gift of $150 will cover the lodging, meals and transportation for a teen attending Empowered U. This would also help cover the cost of feeding our volunteers and teacher chaperones for the weekend.
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Teen Registration

Teen Registration | $375

  • Donate today to send one teen to our Empowered U camp.
  • Your gift of $375 will cover ALL the costs for a teen to attend Empowered U. We never want costs to prevent a teenager from attending our programs so when a school or family asks for help – we give it. Help us do this more often.
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Fund a Coach

Fund a Coach | $3,500

  • Donate today to train an Empowering Minds™ coach to deliver leadership programs to teens in Alberta.
  • Our programs require talented and committed coaches to lead the training. Developing our coaches is hands-on and experiential, just like our teen training, and it costs money. Without our coaches, we could not run our programs. The more coaches we have, the more programs we can deliver so your gift of $3,500 is truly an investment into our youth.
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Send a School

Send a School | $25,000

  • Donate today to send an entire class to the Empowered U Camp.
  • That’s right. $25,000. That’s the cost to deliver the Empowered U program to 44 teens over one weekend. Be a direct sponsor of an entire class and see how just 44 can affect an entire school. All Send a School donors are engaged as full partners in their project with a custom activation and recognition program that is designed to work for you or your organization. Let's talk about a program that will work for you.
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Your donation supports Empowering Minds teen leadership programs to help teens develop the confidence, motivation, and resilience necessary to thrive in today’s world

Empowering Minds thanks you for your donation!