ConneX empowers the 21st century learner to share perspectives, cultures and lived experiences to construct their own points of view and to discover their potential impact as global citizens and leaders.

This program culminates with a meaningful and effective Community Impact Project that challenges student presuppositions and deepens their understanding of local, national and international issues.

Aligned with the Alberta Social Studies 10 curriculum, ConneX consists of 12 weekly, in-class inquiry based workshops that enhance citizenship through deliberate and meaningful activities.  Students build project management and leadership skills through the development and execution of a Community Impact Project.

ConneX in the Classroom and Community

Through purposeful and thought-provoking activities, grade 10 students will explore various aspects of globalization and how they interconnect with it.

The ConneX program includes:

  • Empathetic role play activities
  • Videos that challenge thinking and expand realms of knowledge
  • Meaningful discussion and debate activities related to issues that matter to youth today
  • Self-reflection activities that focus on their learning and experiences
  • Research, project management and innovation processes
  • Most importantly, demonstrate their knowledge, concern and skills in a Community Impact Project