The Empowered U Program focuses on what is already inside you. What you learn is how to tap into those skills and abilities at another level.

No PowerPoint's, no long speeches – this training is about experience! Research shows that experienced based training is where real lasting growth can take place.

Over two days you will develop your confidence, resiliency, and focus so you don't just survive ... but THRIVE in today's world.

Leadership Development Through Active Engagement

You won't be taking notes, sitting in desks, listening to long boring speeches. Nope, from the moment you arrive you will EXPERIENCE and PARTICIPATE in every activity.

You make choices in your life. Everyday. What time you should wake up. What will you wear. Breakfast. What classes you will take. And as you get older there is more… Career. Partner. Kids.

Making choices, communicating and having self-confidence to make things happen doesn't always come easily. We know we can be a better version of ourselves… but the question is how?


Experience Leadership at Your Next Level

This program is delivered at an retreat style facility. The Empowered U program focuses on the revealing the potential of youth and taking them to their next level of leadership.


  • Become more confident
  • Become more resilient
  • Become a difference maker
  • Become ONE Team
  • Take your own leadership skills to your next level
  • Be YOU