Become a Sponsor of Youth Empowerment

Our sponsors provide youth the opportunity to improve their confidence and become empowered as leaders.

Our sponsors do not just fund programs; they fund long-term results. Empowering Minds training penetrates the core of many social issues, giving students the confidence to lead and better preparing them to combat today’s most difficult developmental issues, including bullying and peer pressure. The return on your investment: empowered students with the confidence, motivation and resilience necessary to thrive in today’s world.

Presenting Sponsors

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The Werklund Foundation

The Werklund Foundation invests in and grows initiatives with the capacity to yield the highest returns on our most important asset, our youth. The Werklund Foundation is driven by the belief that every person is born with the ability to lead.

Our Sponsors


The Nickle Family Foundation

Our mission as a family is to engage with the community, provide financial grants that have strategic value and fulfill an ongoing commitment to enhancing the quality of life in our city and province.


The Brawn Family Foundation

The Brawn Family Foundation is dedicated to fostering a better community in Calgary and our surrounding areas with a focus on health, education and sports. The Brawn Family Foundation concentrates on focused giving, offering support to well-defined projects in our specific area of interest. We prefer to take a pro-active approach and will interact closely with our grant recipients.


GrowME Marketing

GrowME is a digital marketing agency that offers the latest and cutting edge marketing techniques to deliver maximum value for our clients. Our approach to design and marketing is unique to every project and we work alongside our clients to develop strategies that produce extraordinary results.


The Prosser Family Foundation

The Prosser Family Foundation directly funds the ConneX program and allows Empowering Minds™ to deliver this program in high schools with students and educators.


Gary Nissen

Gary Nissen is a proud supporter of our ConneX program.