Teen Leadership Breakthrough is a 2.5-day interactive class that will empower youth to advance their leadership ability and allow them to create positive change in their lives. This course is designed for teenagers, 15 to 18 years old, who are currently in High School. Students who attend our training complete several processes throughout that challenge them on a range of skills like teamwork, focus, communication. And self-awareness.

This two and a half day course is about youth taking a hands-on role and being a leader! This is a perfect time for students to find out who they are and push themselves to their next level. It is their life, after all, and if they are not leading it, then who is? Bottom line, it is their time! Here’s what teens will achieve by attending:

  • Passion and enthusiasm to live their mission and values.
  • Learning how to prioritize and keep focused on their efforts.
  • Learning when it is important to listen, when and how to ask questions, and how to speak their ideas powerfully.
  • How to work as a team and build trusting relationships with those they encounter every day, add to a groups success and foster the best in others.
  • Unleashing their personal power by facing your fears and moving forward, learning what they are capable of when you are willing to take action.
    Discovering what it is that makes them who they are.
  • Understanding the characteristics of being a successful leader.
  • Learning to value having fun with their teammates while concentrating your effort on a common goal.
  • Committing to themselves and realize the benefit of holding others and themselves accountable.

Why our training works:

Creating individual behavioural change, especially sustainable change, is the most difficult ambition of nearly all training programs. We have a course that implements proven practices for creating true performance change. The processes and delivery are the catalyst for changing behaviour.



Self Awareness:

Learning begins when individuals become aware of their self-limiting behaviours, their strengths, and the many opportunities they have for personal growth.  We provide the opportunity for participants to “look in the mirror” and assess their performances.  During the class, there is time for exercise debriefing, journaling, and quiet reflection.  Ongoing processes ask the participants what the learning entails and how do they apply it to their family, school and personal lives.  Bottom-line, people must have self-awareness in order to make meaningful and lasting changes.

Building Confidence:

In sports, athletes practice skills and techniques in order to improve their performance.  Through practice and experience, performance is enhancing and it continues to improve.  In the same manner, everything the program teaches about leadership is through an experiential process that correlates directly to leadership attributes and behaviour.  Rather than just discussing or lecturing on a variety of leadership traits, all participants of the Teen Leadership Breakthrough program experience and practice leadership behaviours such as accountability, communication, enthusiasm, focus, passion, taking action, teamwork and trust.  It is through these experiences that improve performance results.


The key to motivation is not simply to motivate the participants; rather, it is to allow a student to discover, uncover and tap into his or her own internal motivators.  During Teen Leadership  Breakthrough, our processes allow students to identify what is important to them.  Graduates walk away inspired, focused and internally driven.