Youth Leadership Programs

Empowering Minds' main focus is to empower youth with the confidence, resiliency and focus they need in order to thrive in today’s world. Over 10,000 youth have completed our empowerment and leadership programs.

Empowered U Program

The Empowered U Program focuses on what is already inside you. What you learn is how to tap into those skills and abilities at another level. Over two days you will develop your confidence, resiliency, and focus so you don't just survive but THRIVE in today's world.

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ConneX Program

ConneX empowers the 21st century learner to share perspectives, cultures and lived experiences to construct their own points of view and to discover their potential impact as global citizens and leaders.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Program

The 7 Habits for Teens training is a means to build students’ self-confidence and interpersonal skills while elevating overall achievement. Based on the best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens this workshop helps students practically apply personal leadership principles to the tough choices they face every day.

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Empowered Educators

Our Empowered Educator program supports the next generation of classroom leaders.  We provide undergraduate students with opportunities that encourage them to rethink their role as teachers & to address issues of preconceived assumptions & stereotypes.

This program offers students enrolled in a post secondary Education program, our classroom’s future leaders,  the opportunity to work with youth, apply their course concepts to the real world while delivering and supporting content in various classroom settings.

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